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Stake ETH, get eETH - a natively restaked liquid staking token that fuels DeFi and decentralizes Ethereum.
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The new automated DeFi strategy vault.

  • Earn yields on your eETH or weETH
  • Simple diversification. The best of DeFi, all in one place
  • Access new boosts, promotions, and ETHFI rewards
Liquid Ethfi

Governance with

ETHFI token holders shape the future of, making key decisions to evolve and shape the protocol, community and its ecosystem.

Liquid Ethfi

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1.12M ETH

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How re-staking provides superior rewards
With, your ETH can be staked and then re-staked to earn you the best rewards
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Stake ETH
Stake any amount of your ETH
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Receive eETH
Receive eETH that will earn staking rewards
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Natively re-staked
eETH is natively re-staked for additional rewards.
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illustration of more coins since the returns should be higher
Maximize Rewards
Use your eETH in DeFi to maximize returns
Why Stake With
Maximize your staking and re-staking rewards while maintaining
composibility for DeFi applications.
Native restaking
Native restakingEnables freedom and better rewards, since your ETH is already earning staking yields & restaking yields via Eigenlayer.
Decentralization runs Operation Solo Staker, which further decentralizes Ethereum by launching nodes across diverse geographies.
Your Keys, Your Coins
Your Keys, Your is the only protocol where stakers control the keys. This reduces the counterparty risk of node operators and the protocol.
Thriving ecosystem
Thriving ecosystemeETH is intended to be used in DeFi. is partnering with a wide array of DeFi protocols to increase utility of eETH.
Become a validator

Want to run an node?

We want the Ethereum network to be truly decentralised.

Here are two ways ANYONE can run a node.


Path 1

Permissionless users with existing hardware who stake a 2 ETH bond to run a validator.

Read more about Path 1

Path 2

Permissioned users who provide their own hardware and use DVT without having to provide a 2 ETH bond.

Read more about Path 2
Become a Solo Staker
Ecosystem Partners
We partner with the best in DeFi, see our excellent partners below
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By collaborating with EigenLayer, our staking protocol gains access to a powerful restaking collective embedded in the Ethereum network. EigenLayer's smart contracts enable ETH stakers to opt in and participate in the validation of diverse software modules built on Ethereum. This includes consensus protocols, data availability layers, virtual machines, keeper networks, oracle networks, bridges, threshold cryptography schemes, and trusted execution environments.

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