Staking is just the's mission is to make it easy for people to save,
earn, and spend their crypto.
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StakeStake your ETH or stETH,
get natively re-staked eETH
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LiquidAutomated, managed strategy
vaults that find yields for you
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CashSpend and borrow against your
crypto with this Visa credit card
StakeEarn more when you re-stake with ether.fiStake your ETH or stETH and get eETH – a natively re-staked liquid staking token. Earn staking rewards across popular networks and the DeFi ecosystem. Plus, receive loyalty points, EigenLayer points and many more partner rewards with your eETH.
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LiquidAutomate your earnings with ease with strategy vaults.Deposit eETH and other assets and let the vault optimize for yields across the very best protocols in DeFi. Whether your goal is to maximize your ETH yield, or earn to market-neutral yields on your stablecoins, there’s a vault for you. Plus, earn loyalty points and additional rewards when you use Liquid.
Optional coverage available withNexus Mutual
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CashUsing crypto in “real life” can be difficult.
Let’s change that.
Load your balance on the Cash credit card. Earn Cash Points with every purchase.No need to offramp your crypto to use it. The Cash spending account and Visa credit card will allow you to spend and borrow against your balance in the real world.Cash includes a mobile app that connects to your account and Visa credit card that you can load with your balance. Earn new Cash Points when you make a purchases with your card. Additional perks for members that pre-order.
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