Our Roadmap

We built ether.fi as a product for ourselves: a way to safely and securely stake our own ETH while retaining control of our keys. We recognized a need for a staking protocol built from first principles with a focus on decentralization and self-custody.
Delegated staking with self-custody of keys
ether.fi’s decentralized application provides a secure path to staking personal ETH in 32 validator increments with a set of secure and proven node operators.
Completed - June 2023
Solo node operators integration phase 1
ether.fi in conjunction with Obol Labs spun up the first DVT mainnet validator, then leveraged this into mainnet’s first cohort of validators run by a geographically dispersed group of small, independent operators.
Completed - August 2023
DVT integration phase 1
The above proof of concept has been partially automated with eyes on full automation in Phase 2 below.
Completed - August 2023
Open source smart contracts
As a further commitment to our belief in the Ethereum ecosystem, we’ve officially open sourced our suite of smart contracts. We believe this will improve trust, quality, reliability, and security in our protocol.
Completed - October 2023
eETH launch with permissionless minting and redemptions
eETH is ether.fi’s Liquid Staking Token launching within a month. With it, users will be able to participate in Ethereum staking in a fully permissionless manner, buying and selling staked assets on demand.
Completed - November 2023
Open source everything
As a further demonstration of our belief in the power of free and open, we’ll continue making our software services and code public. We hope to drive others in the ecosystem to do the same.
Completed - Feb 2024
DAO Governance & TGE
One of the primary goals for ether.fi from the start has been for the protocol to outlive us (it’s primary developers). With a collective governance model, we believe we’ll leave the protocol open and in the capable hands of the vested many.
Launched - March 2024
Liquid ETH Vault
A managed DeFi strategy vault that deploys users’ ETH, eETH or weETH into DeFi to earn the highest quality rewards with managed risk.
Completed - March 2024
DVT integration phase 2, permissionless solo staking
In DVT Phase 1 and working with our partners at Obol Labs, we delivered secure mainnet DVT - validation shared by disparate individuals, none of whom held entire validator keys. This second phase will move toward a fully automated integration. Users will arrive, apply, and begin acting as solo stakers free and clear of ether.fi and Obol’s management and assistance.
ETA - July 2024
ether.fi Cash
a real-life spending account that will allow users to spend and borrow against their ether.fi balance in the real world. This will include a mobile app MPC wallet that connects to users’ ether.fi account, and a credit card that users can load with their ether.fi balance.
ETA - September 2024
Contracts ossification
The natural process of software stability takes time and iteration. ether.fi is committed to removing upgradability from our smart contracts, but this process must first run its course.
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